Our only mission and concern is
to bring affordable, on-trend jewelry to the world, whilst delighting our customers with our commitment to continually improve our passion, dedication and hard work of every single person of our team members; Who are devoted to fashion, style and customer service.
All team members of Maisonpoirier live and stand by our culture and commitments, by making jewelry that is environmentally sound, we exclusively use recycled metals and ethically sourced gems at our workshops ; That are based worldwide, providing the most convenient, promising and exceptional customer service. So you would know that both human rights and environmental concerns are already and will always be considered.
By being a fashion-forward jewelry brand that caters to every woman's need, with new styles being delivered to our stores occasionally. We give and apply our core belief of keeping up with the waves of new trends , but also by never letting go of the roots of elegance and feminism.
In the mining sector, the pandemic had devastating effects on workers and communities around the world. So we wanted to spread the message of empathy and generosity especially during the hard times everyone is going through .Our first goal and priority of this year is to give back and spread love and kindness among us all, and since our brand has taken off all thanks to our beautiful loyal customers and ambassadors.
Therefore we will be finally able to make a difference by supporting and donating a percentage of our income to the global organization "She's the First", supporting gender equality through community-based education and programming. By supporting girls who will be the first in their family to graduate high school, "She's the First" is transforming girls' potential to make a change. Maisonpoirier provides exceptional opportunities to grow within our brand. If you are inspired by global trends and thrive in a fast-paced environment, we would love for you to join us.