Everyday luxury
Anti-bling & timeless jewels
focusing on purism and understated chic.

Exclusively handcrafted and tailored with solid stones
by French designer Pierre Poirier.
"Being an autodidact jeweler
with a background as a stone crafter
allows Pierre Poirier to have bring his own perception of jewellery. 
Resulting is an artistic and conceptual approach,
far removed from the traditional jewel, 
preferring a more avant-garde interpretation.
We work with stones and sea elements, 
aiming to create jewels that will fit you as a "second skin".
Subtle statement pieces with an individual touch, 
revealing the organic and raw textures of craftsmanship.
A kind of everyday luxury. Subtle, precious and unique. 
A sort of life philosophy and constant prospection of Pierre.
The way shells are contrasting with the skin's tone makes you tan even more intense and wonderful.
An understated color - like wearing just a little shine.
Our Maison inspiration has been fueled by decades of hard working and curiosity, exploring most of each continent's parts.
A kind of work in progress exploring new shapes and volumes
and how those would play with the body's shape
- hiding behind the nape of its neck or slipping into an ear lobe.
My way to design and reinterpret jewelry."
Pierre Poirier